The Peter Hill, an Introduction

As summer quickly approaches, and restrictions lifted, the need to be seen has amplified. Bronson has been working hard all year, pushing creative boundaries in an effort to increase your visibility as you venture out. This Spring, we brought you the groundbreaking Marathon piece, and next up for the summer- the Peter Hill.

What?, Who?, & When?

The Peter Hill is a tribute to America's first Clock Maker of African descent. It is also the first piece from our Garvey Collection. The Garvey will feature a series of pieces that will pay homage to influential African- Americans throughout history. Our first Garvey watch, the Peter Hill, will be released on Juneteenth.

Peter Hill, a former enslaved person, became one of the most prominent Clock Makers of the 18th and 19 century after being freed in 1795. Hill, of Burlington County, New Jersey, became a successful businessman by mastering his craft of clock design and build. Hill was a pioneer in the field of timekeeping. 

A vibrant, well crafted tribute, the Hill features vintage attributes in the Pontif seconds hand, fine modern finishings like brushed rose gold hued surfaces on both the bracelet and caseback, as well as rich colors throughout.The Peter Hill by Bronson is scheduled for release on June 19th, 2022, and can be pre-ordered at special promotional pricing until June 10th. Order yours today!


-B R O N S O N-